📣 Partnership Announcement: Specialisterne North America

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  • Published on November 21, 2023

Able and Available is committed to assisting Specialisterne in unlocking the unique talents of individuals on the autism spectrum or with similar neurodiversities, helping them secure meaningful employment opportunities.

About Specialisterne:

Specialisterne is an internationally recognized leader in harnessing the talents of people on the autism spectrum, or with similar neurodiversities, by providing them with the opportunity to sustain meaningful employment. Originally founded in Denmark by Thorkil Sonne, Specialisterne now operates in twelve countries around the world.

For over a decade, Specialisterne has developed hiring and management practices to help increase the neurodiversity of the global workforce. We are working to prove the business value in hiring people who think and communicate differently and initiate meaningful careers.

Specialisterne Canada Inc. is a charitable not-for-profit Canadian organization focused on services for employers, employees, as well as outreach and public education. We are closely aligned with our partner, Specialisterne Foundation (SPF) in Denmark, and its affiliates around the globe. The shared goal of these organizations is to enable one million jobs worldwide for people on the autism spectrum and similar neurodiversities.


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