About Us

Who We Are

The Autism Resource Centre (ARC) is a non-profit organization that aims to meet the evolving needs of young people with autism. It is our goal to help empower those on the autism spectrum so they can realize their potential, achieve independence and fully engage with their community.

Are you…

Between the ages of 18 to 35;

Diagnosed on the autism spectrum;

Committed to attending and learning more about participating with others; and

Wanting to find employment, make new friends and try new things?

Our Vision Statement

We envision Autistic individuals involved in their communities where they feel a sense of belonging and connection.

Our Mission Statement

Through programs and education that facilitate independence, the Autism Resource Centre supports Autistic individuals in realizing their potential and participating in their communities.

Our Value Statement

The Autism Resource Centre nurtures the following values in our programs, services and work environment:

  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion
  • Education