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Able & Available is very proud to partner with great agencies and associations. They can help employers to create an inclusive environment and also job seekers to find the perfect job.


Autism Canada:

  • About: For over 45 years Autism Canada has had a national perspective on the issues currently facing those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families, caregivers, and allies. Autism Canada’s primary mandate is to increase the quality of life and well-being of people on the Autism Spectrum through education, advocacy, and support. Autism Canada is committed to delivering the highest quality programs and community resources like the national annual Au-Some Conference, our dedicated Family Support team, a first-of-its-kind Search and Rescue for Autism program, and an exceptional catalogue offering autism education to both the public and private sectors. Autism Canada is proud to have served the autism community in Canada since 1976.
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Neil Squire:

  • About: The Neil Squire Society has been revolutionizing the lives of Canadians with disabilities since 1984 through accessible technology. We use technology, knowledge and passion to empower Canadians with disabilities.
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  • About: CAN WiN helps employers meet workforce needs by connecting job seekers with disabilities - people with diverse talent - to accessible employers across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.
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  • About: Specialisterne is an internationally recognized leader in harnessing the talents of people on the autism spectrum, or with similar neurodiversities, by providing them with the opportunity to sustain meaningful employment. Originally founded in Denmark by Thorkil Sonne, Specialisterne now operates in twelve countries around the world.
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