Supporters - Ontario

Able & Available is very proud to partner with great agencies and associations. They can help employers to create an inclusive environment and also job seekers to find the perfect job.


I Have Resolve Foundation:

  • About: The I Have Resolve Foundation provides awareness, education and works in support of inclusion for anyone who faces a physical, social, developmental or learning challenge. Our goal is to promote shared opportunities in order to bridge the gap between those with and those without disabilities. We believe in a mindset of we all belong. In belonging we live, work and play together in order to grow, show each other respect and kindness.
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  • About: Our team considers your unique situation, helping you prepare for employment, find a job, and encourage you as you begin your new job. Whether you choose to engage face-to-face with an employment specialist, attend regular workshops or receive support from a peer mentor, Stride helps you build the confidence and skills needed to find and keep your job.
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